*Covid-19 Update* 14/05/2021

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Hello! Thanks for visiting, We just wanted to offer a quick update and some clarification on those wishing to join us here in Yangshuo.
Most importantly - We are able to accept foreign guests :)
This has been the case since April 2020, and we have been one of the few hotels in the area to keep accepting foreigners travelling during these troubled times. All foreigners wishing to stay with us must have:

  • 1 - A valid Green QR code. A green Health code from any location in china is now acceptable
    2 - Been in the country for a minimum of 28 days before your arrival date

During your time in the Yangshuo area :

Face masks are required in most of the main indoor or close contact tourist areas (Bamboo Rafting).

Yangshuo has been surprisingly unaffected by the virus and there has been no cases for very long time now. Even during the peak, there were only a few cases in Guilin. All main tourist attractions and activities are open. Including The famous 'Lightshow' and the bamboo rafting. Most bars, Cafes, restaurants and clubs are also open for business as normal

Due to this you may notice during your time here that almost all locals are no longer wearing masks, Please be aware guests to the are still expected to follow goverment guidance to protect the locals in the area. And all tourist areas require standard protective entry requirements. Masks are available locally and here at the hotel

Your stay at the hotel :

We are following guidelines provided by the government to ensure the safety of all our guests and staff during this time. All facilities at the hotel are operational including the swimming pool and restaurant. All staff will be following Government health guidelines and the hotel will be enforcing a cleaning and disinfection policy throughout the building.

A Personal Note :

We understand that traveling at the moment may seem like a daunting task and we are more than happy to offer any help and assistance and be as flexible as possible to be able to make your journey as comfortable and stress free as possible.

Despite the virus, being in Yangshuo at the moment is an absolute pleasure, Whilst the town is indeed struggling as you might expect, it has bought out some of the best in the hospitality in the area. And with the area receiving much fewer tourists than normal the sights and activities are much less crowded, and the countryside is an even greater joy to experience and and explore than normal.

Yangshuo is a truly unique escape for these unique times

Thanks for your continued support and stay healthy!

Close to Town & Nature:

A beautiful 15 min WALK from the town of Yangshuo

Swimming Pool

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Quiet & relaxation

Enjoy the valley views and sounds of nature

Roof Top Restaurant

Seize your day with fine cuisine and superb views

The Bamboo Leaf Yangshuo is a nature oriented, eco-friendly boutique hotel with a focus on unique guest experiences in a scenic village within short walking distance from both the Li-river and the old town center of Yangshuo. Most prominent features include a central resort swimming pool faced towards the valley and karst mountain scenery, a rooftop restaurant with a large outdoor terrace, designed in a modern rustic style blended with local design features. Prime services include a very personalised experience throughout your stay, individual & custom made tour itineraries and a free hourly return shuttle to the center of Yangshuo.


Comfortable rooms with a view

Clean, sereen and comfortable with all modern amenities and a private balcony to enjoy watching village life and the scenery. Each room type is uniquely designed full of character.


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